A core part of Goode's is our "Goodesville Market"

Goodesville Market is our version of a low-cost flea market or pop-up that allows the midwestern region to shop aspiring small businesses and support local causes with one purchase. 
Goodesville Markets take place several weekends each month outside other small businesses around Indianapolis. 
Our vendors sell everything from jewelry to pottery to clothing to artwork and beyond. 
We charge our vendors $0 dollars to setup and only take 10% of their sales at the end of the day. This way, vendors can enjoy the community aspect of flea markets and not worry about covering their booth cost that can usually range between $50-300 dollars in some cases. We only make money if you make money!
Our company exists so that small business AND the customer can all win simultaneously.
If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please fill out the "Vendor Application" form below!
Feel free to follow us on Instagram @indygoodes to see where our next month's markets are taking place!