Experience Goodesville: The Ultimate Low-Cost Pop-Up Market

Goode's Village Market, affectionately known as "Goodesville Market" is a unique destination that offers the perfect blend of supporting local causes and exploring aspiring small businesses — all with just one purchase! Goodesville takes place every Friday and Saturday from March to November, creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere for the midwestern region to enjoy.

Our diverse range of vendors ensures that there is something for everyone at Goodesville. From exquisite jewelry and handcrafted pottery to trendy vintage clothing and captivating artwork, our market showcases a wide array of products and treasures. Step into our world and discover the extraordinary!

What truly sets Goode's and our market apart from others in the area is our commitment to providing an inclusive and affordable experience for vendors. Unlike traditional markets that impose a flat booth fee, we have revolutionized the system. At Goode's, vendors have the freedom to choose their payment structure. They can either contribute 10% of their sales or opt for a nominal fee of $25 per rack or table, whichever option proves more cost-effective. By relieving aspiring small businesses of the financial burden associated with booth costs, Goode's allows vendors to immerse themselves fully in the event, ensuring they always walk away with cash in their pockets. No more worries about expensive booth fees that can range from $50 to $300 in other cases.
Our philosophy is simple: we only profit if everyone profits!

Furthermore, we believe in the power of giving back to the community. During the last two events of each month, the fees we collect from vendors are directly funneled to a local non-profit organization. So far, we've raised over $4,000 for charities operating in the Midwest (Gleaners Food Bank & Irvington Counseling Collective).
By shopping small at Goode's, not only do you support local businesses, but you also make a significant impact on the Indianapolis community. Your participation ensures that our collective efforts benefit those who need it most.

Join us at Goodesville, where a low-cost shopping extravaganza meets the spirit of community support. Experience the joy of exploring unique products, empowering small businesses, and making a difference in Indianapolis.